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We Are Putting Together The Biggest Comedy Show To Hit St. Louis

We are putting together the biggest comedy show to hit St. Louis. It will be a three-day comedy show in the month of September. We will be showcasing 20 on-screen comedy skits. We are offering our production FREE to individuals with good skit ideas. If interested you can submit your skit idea to us. If not interested in submitting your original idea you can also be an actor in our show. See terms and conditions below.

Skit Requirements:

  • 2-3 minutes max

  • No more than 3 locations.

  • Must be funny

  • Must be typed out (Word, PDF or Celtx) 

  • Can’t contain your real name

  • No special effects

  • 3 submissions max 

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35MultiMedia Productions is the best production company in St. Louis, MO. We have been featured on Fox 2, Allman Report ABC 30, Real STL News, Platform 314 and STL TV.

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