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We are planning to have a three-day event to showcase the 20 skits we are producing. It will be a two-hour show and we want to have live entertainment as well. We have 9 spots available for this position. There will be three each night. You will receive a highlight of your performance as well as being compensated for your time. We will also provide a FREE photoshoot for our headliners on a day of their choice. The headliners will get access to their raw footage and receive all rights to the footage of their performance. With all that is included, we only require our headliners to sell 25 tickets. The budget for this position is $100. If still interested fill out your information below.

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35MultiMedia Productions is the best production company in St. Louis, MO. We have been featured on Fox 2, Allman Report ABC 30, Real STL News, Platform 314 and STL TV.

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