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UnCensor The Stage By Lacey Turner

On my journey in the film world. I have written and directed a number of powerful films to

stand the test of time that has garnered the attention of mass audiences all around the world. I strive to capture the most important aspects of my characters’ lives in my stories. I love making motion pictures that requires the audience to have an emotional attachment to the characters. It has always been important to me to create films that open up dialogue. Not only have my films been selected into multiple film festivals, but I have been interviewed on numerous TV networks such as ABC and Fox, and have been featured in multiple news articles.

I have sought to bring the true essence of storytelling back into filmmaking. I believe the

industry has made a transition into making what I call &quote; microwave films.& quote; Which lacks character development, creativity, and fresh Ideas. They are providing quantity instead of quality. This is where I step in. I have always sought to rebirth the art of true filmmaking. I apply my focus and skill to each story I produce to make sure I create unique films that contribute to society and are visually beautiful with astounding artistic layers. I am a writer and director that tackles ever genre of film. Whether it’s a drama, a web series, a horror film, or etc.

This brings me to comedy. The comedy world in St. Louis has been a big staple in our city for some time now. Our city is inundated with so many phenomenal comedians who perform

around town on a nightly basis at places such as the Funny Bone, the Laugh Lounge, and a few others. While going out to support these wonderful people, I noticed there was a gaping hole in the comedy world where the exposure was limited. I wanted to fill that void.

It is my mission to introduce the world to these comedians by putting them on the big screen. UnCensor The Stage is a platform that I created that allows these emerging comedians and actors to showcase their amazing talent with the freedom to express themselves without being judged. I wanted to create this vehicle so that It could deepen the understanding of these comics through humor and open up endless possibilities for future endeavors. My goal is for them to gain exposure that creates opportunities for them to flourish and be able to feed their families. I believe my platform and expertise in filmmaking will accommodate them by producing sketches in a format that the audience will be delighted to enjoy.

What separates UnCensor The Stage from any other comedy sketch series is that I strive to

create civic engagement strategies with the audience that provides them the entertainment

they need when they just want to escape and have a good time. It is my duty to bring

memorable characters and topics that make you laugh till you cry. UnCensor The Stage will

produce next the wave of talent to hit the entertainment industry.

If you are interested in being a part of the show you can click the link below. http://www.35MultiMedia.com/uncensor-the-stage-submission

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