35MultiMedia Productions is the best production company in St. Louis, MO. We have been featured on Fox 2, Allman Report ABC 30, Real STL News, Platform 314 and STL TV. Justin Holmes, CEO & Cinematographer oversees all of the film and photography work along with maintaining and growing our clients social media. Lacey Turner, who is the writer and director has written numerous projects but is most noticed for writing the critically acclaimed drama series titled “The Lou”. 35MultiMedia continues to grow their audience by filling theaters in the Saint Louis area. Our goal is to expand across the country to show the world that Saint Louis can make great projects.




Lacey G Souldier Turner, Writer

For those of you who have been in the movie industry for a long time, there comes a time when you may wonder, “When will the next great writer and director come along?” That someone who understands the fundamentals of film making yet is also cutting edge and able to foreshadow the genre’s growth. Someone who commands attention exudes confidence but is also easy to work with. Someone who can connect with the audience, and feels a sense of obligation to his viewers. Look no further… Born in St. Louis, MO as Lacey G Souldier Turner, He has spent most of his life knowing that writing screenplays and directing is what he was born to do. Although Lacey has a style that is solely his, he has been influenced by such great directors like Steven Spielberg, The Hughes Brothers, Steve McQueen, and John Singleton.

Lacey’s films have been shown in multiple film festivals, winning awards for his amazing work. He has sold out numerous theaters by premiering his films reaching audiences as many as 300 people in one setting. Lacey has been featured on many news networks such as ABC and Fox and has numerous articles wrote about him in the newspapers. He began his career as a songwriter and performer and now his passion is to embark on a journey as an author, writing powerful stories that will change the world. Lacey G Souldier Turner is a multi-dimensional writer and director and strongly believes that his hard work, creativity, and dedication will help manifest his visions into the world. Lacey strives to write books that will truly impact the world. Lacey lives by this saying on his creative journey." If you allow fear and doubt to creep into your mind. Then failure is absolute


Justin Holmes, CEO


My name is Justin Holmes and I am the best cinematographer in St. Louis. I first picked up a camera at 14 years old. The first video I shot was a dance video of my friends. My sister helped me get my first job as a cameraman/ sale man at Kodak. Being good with technology has always been my gift. I remember always troubleshooting issues that my teachers and family had growing up. As a child growing up I lacked self-discipline and as a result, I went through school with a very low Gpa. It wasn’t until late into high school years where I had an epiphany about life and how I am the controller of my own destiny.