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35MultiMedia Productions is the best production company in St. Louis, MO. We have been featured on Fox 2, Allman Report ABC 30, Real STL News, Platform 314 and STL TV.


35multimedia is skilled in outdoor photography. Good outdoor photographers and best outdoor photography tips are all that you need to capture woods, streets, clouds, rainbows, sandstorms, hailing and waterfalls. Seizing the best snap-shots Read more


With the progressing world, people also are inclined to look royal to maintain their level in society. We here at 35multimedia offer Luxury Studio Shoot with the best photographers who will surely make your photographs look majestic. You’ll love

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Futura Light is a much loved font inspired by elements of Bauhaus design. Ideal for headlines, banners, logos & more, it will make your words stand out.

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Futura Light is a much loved font inspired by elements of Bauhaus design. Ideal for headlines, banners, logos & more, it will make your words stand out.

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Our theater screenings are currently being showcased around the Saint Louis area. We are presently in AMC theaters, 24:1 Cinema & The Chase Park Plaza Cinema, with each event averaging 135 people. We currently have a growing email list of 2,000 contacts. Our events started in Aug of 2017. By the end of year we are looking to acquire national distribution. Our mission is to show the world that Saint Louis can make good films.


Who We Are?

35MultiMedia Productions is the best production company in St. Louis, MO. We have been featured on Fox 2, Allman Report ABC 30, Real STL News, Platform 314 and STL TV. Justin Holmes, CEO & Cinematographer oversees all of the film and photography work along with maintaining and growing our clients social media. Lacey Turner, who is the writer and director has written numerous projects but is most noticed for writing the critically acclaimed drama series titled “The Lou”. 35MultiMedia continues to grow their audience by filling theaters in the Saint Louis area. Our goal is to expand across the country to show the world that Saint Louis can make great projects.


Photography services we offer

Photography services we offer
In love with photographing events and capturing your child's first step?
Want to capture the best moments in the best possible way to revive them afterward?
Don't worry; we, 35Multimedia, are here to make your dreams come true and seize the best moments of your life.
We offer different useful services to our clients, including photographing the events, whether they are national or foreign.
Apart from photography, we render videography services too to capture the innate scenes of life in a boundary.

We have a crew of top event photographers who are available every time to capture:

1.Birthday parties
6.Convocations photoshoot

Our top-class photographers capture the best snap-shots of the moments. They play with light dexterously and adjust the composition.
Their beautiful way of storytelling will surely enchant everyone. They keep an eye on detail on every single aspect of the photograph.

We offer different photography services which are:

1: Event photography

Cover your significant events, including birthdays, seminars, graduation ceremonies, inauguration ceremonies.
We also offer baby photoshoots, capturing their first step, and covering their first teeth party. We have fantastic decoration ideas for kid's parties to make them trendy and chic.
We do solo photoshoots and capture group pictures when covering a birthday party. Moreover, we have a vast list of reasonable venues to make your birthday party bash.
In other ceremonies, our top-class photographers make sure to seize good pictures to make them go viral.

2: Wedding photography

Our top event photographers have the best photography tips, and you can rely on them with zero worries. They will surely capture every single day of the event with creative ideas and styles of event photography.
Following our event photography contract, our team covers every precious moment in a beautiful artistic way; whether it's a couple picture or picture of any guest or host, our photographers make them rock by clicking and editing them skillfully.

3: Portraiture photography

Capture your portraits.
If you are a blogger or an influencer and want top-class pictures to influence the social world, you will make the right choice by choosing us because we offer portrait photography at reasonable rates.
More than this, we offer different natural backgrounds and edit pictures using graphic designing techniques that will help you become a top influencer and blogger.

4: Personal brand photography

I am photographing you for your brand product advertisements.
Capturing your pictures, the message you want to convey through your brand, and the right color, merging them up produces a unique photograph that influences your clients and increases traffic to your website.
Our top-class photographers are in hand with capturing the best pictures and mixing them with your mission statement to help your clients understand you.

5: Headshots

We are here to help the people who are keen on taking pictures to upload them on social media to get maximum likes in the best possible manner.
Our team of top class photographers skillfully imprison your beautiful pictures in the boundary of their advanced cameras and captures the best headshots that will make you happy.
Our team is sociable and friendly, prioritizes your ideas and style, and will surely help you have photography as you want.
We have passionate and creative top class photographers who will give life and fill colors to your inhuman photographs.
We offer graphic designing and add backdrops to your pictures to help them groom and impress you.

Are You Looking for a videographer?

Well, our top-class videographers will leave you enchanted through their exceptional videography services.
They will help you document your public and private events onto video, no matter if they are on a limited or a large scale.
We offer videography services for

1.Different public and private events
2.weddings (bridal elegance videos and drone shoots)
4.convocations (short form videos)
6.inauguration ceremonies (brand advertisement videos)
7.Engagement (proposal videos)

Our team has a variety of video making tools and gadgets and captures motion pictures too.
We offer several videography services, including:

1: Documentaries

Making a documentary-style video and exchanging the segments to make the video beautiful.
In making a video, we know to make it trendy to never go out of style, and you will love to see it repeatedly.
We usually exchange different segments with each other to make the video sequential.
Our documentary-style videography will create a substantial impact on viewers.
Our wedding videographers also follow this style and make the wedding video a documentary to make it unique and different.

2: Cinematics

Giving a filmy look to the video and enhancing the sentimental impact using different effects.
Our wedding videographers use cinematics to make the video nostalgic, and the viewers never get bored.
They add different powerful effects to produce a tender video, and it will make you dewy-eyed.
You will love our editing.

3: Conceptual

We make a creative video either planned or unplanned before, during, or after the event.
Our conceptual video artists are experts in video art.
They have expertise in creating a conceptual and creative video.
We make conceptual videos for your events; they are either planned or unplanned and include interviews, elegance videos, and much more.
In wedding videography, it includes interviews of couples, hosts, and guests, which is then creatively edited, and a beautiful video is produced. 

4: Short forms

We make short-form videos for your vlogs and blogs.
We make and professionally edit them to get your channel maximum traffic and generate leads.
In event videography, short-form videos include highlights from the whole event that summarize the entire event in two to three minutes. The same is done with wedding videos.

5: Drone shoots

Capturing videos using UAV, enabling the first-person view.
Our team has advanced drone cameras that capture the view from a certain height. It makes the video professional and more attractive.
We offer this service for wedding videos, birthday parties, ceremonies, and seminars.
Our photographers and videographers are available in the whole country and even across the border to capture your photographs and videos and process them to give a refined form to them.
We have advanced digital technology, cameras, and camcorders.
We have a whole list of different beautiful venues to help you have a perfect background for your photographs and videos.
We provide event management and design services to help you have a beautiful event, pictures, and videos.
Moreover, we have a skilled and talented team of photo-videographers who are creative, charismatic, and meticulous. They will surely capture the moments in the best possible way so you can reminisce about them afterward.



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